One week of 2015: A review

I spent my New Year’s Eve with some lovely people who collectively believed that 2014 was a little less than ideal, if we were being honest. 2014 was like one of those people you want to be friends with initially. Like, it looked like a total good time: well, dressed, fresh start… you know, the one with the great new outfit, so great in fact that you don’t notice the any other potential deficiencies. And 2014 sucked me right in.

And I got my ass kicked.

On the eve of 2015, we looked around at our abundance of champagne, and heaps of amazing Chinese take-out let out a collective sigh of relief.

“What do you want the for 2015?’ was the question.

For me, I would like 2015 to be a little gentler. Less death. Less social strife. Less disappointment from those in whom I have put my trust.

But really, as we sat with each other and watched people we have barely heard of orchestrate the Times Square ball drop (and how many coats does Jenny McCarthy need? I bet she was feeling a little sick and is worried because she refused her vaccinations….) we agreed, we were pretty damn fortunate: healthy, working, roofs over our heads, more Chinese food than you could shake a handful of chopsticks at…

The host insisted that 2015 was going to be all about good juju. I was down with that.

So, one week in, how has it been?

I have to say – pretty solid start. I have done yoga everyday. All my bills are paid. I have been embracing self-care by cooking amazing meals, getting massages, reconnecting with people. I spent the night of the 2nd with a group of women I have known since I was 12 years old (how many people can say they have those kinds of friendships anymore?)

And no one died.

I eventually got a little stressed out about going back to school after a rough start to my overdue break and the fact that I had done not one single bit of work (well, I wrote some last minute letters of recommendation and put out a few fires… but, yeah, not much else) but even that was not really that big of a deal when I really thought about it – I mean, it was  a choice how much anxiety I allowed, so why get mental?

I did not.

And although I had the requisite dread that all students and teachers have on the eve of the return, as I generally discover, the actual return is really usually pretty alright. And it was: a really nice day. And each day since has been just fine. And I have kept doing all the things I want to do along with taking care of all the things I am responsible for.

Here I am a full week into the year and it feels manageable. Doable. Light. And all of that is exciting. My New Year’s host had this to say yesterday:

First week of 2015 was awesome. Light airy energy, clear directions, and full of possibilities.

I cannot help but agree. Weekend getaways, festivals , yoga retreats, European excursions all await. In addition to the little things that make a life real: a clean house, time to write, time to stretch, to practice, to cook, to be creative… It has been making me wonder why it seemed like I did not have time for it all before. But I guess it doesn’t matter since I am making the time now.

I am grateful for the life I have, icky bits and all, but I am certainly open to 2015 bringing me a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for all the effort.

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