The Neon Boneyard

When I travel I plan things. Although sometimes when I travel I do not plan things, but that is because it is part of the plan. On a recent excursion to Vegas, I was fortunate to not have to do all the planning, and one of the things that was planned was a trip to the Neon Museum, or rather the Neon Boneyard to use the name I prefer.

As a student of desert landscapes and the myriad uses of said landscapes, with special attention to the deserts of Southern Nevada, it is no surprise that I would be enamored by a tour of the last remnants of the original symbols of the modern human footprint on a particular stretch of desert that has become today’s Las Vegas.

Eccentricities of the tour and tour guide aside, or perhaps as well, I definitely recommend the tour, and will return on my next trip to Vegas, but for the night tour.

Here are some highlights of this special part of Vegas history.


NB Pano











NB25  NB33  NB24


Americana. It really is a thing.

NB Name

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