Win win win win.

Mom: You looked so nice at the wedding, just perfect.
Me: Thanks. It was fun. But then I on Sunday I was having a pity party on the way home. A & I were flying to Tahiti, C & D were flying to Greece. And I was just…. going home.
Mom: You mean driving back to San Francisco from Wine Country, where you do not have to be at work until the third week of August? Yes, that is terrible.

Sometimes you need a mom check in to remember how full of win your life really is. Or, maybe you don’t, but I do. The thing is this: I work on an academic calendar and so I get the standard breaks that come with that. It is really pretty great. Until the ego gets all up in the mix (as with everything, I know…) But the thing is, the minute people find out I am on break the first question they ask is, “Where are you going?” And I love that question because I totally identify as a traveler – it is what I do. For real. And so, to be having a real, honest to goodness staycation, while totally amazing in lots of ways, seems so anticlimactic and banal and uninspired, and… almost embarrassing.

Anyhow, it is what I am doing for a whole bunch of reasons, many to do with oddly spaced social and family engagements throughout the summer. And I was totally fried at the end of last year so it seemed like recuperation would be a good thing. But still, I keep feeling the tug of far off places and the (let’s be honest) disappointment of not heeding the call of the wild (or not so wild.)

So what am I doing? Well, let’s look at today. Here is what I did:

  • I had homebrewed French roast coffee in bed and watched some of the individual time trial of Le Tour in bed.
  • I made breakfast for someone who had to go to work, which was fun because I was doing something for someone else and I was in no hurry.
  • I went to a yoga class downstairs.
  • I came home and took a long hot shower.
  • I ate a bunch of fresh organic strawberries & blueberries.
  • I spent some time writing. Completely self-indulgent, overly analytical blog writing.
  • I fought with no strangers on the internet (though I had a good laugh looking at how one of my larger internet irritants continues to implode from being a complete douche-canoe… not very yogic, but strangely calming.)
  • I vacuumed & made the bed & cleaned the kitchen while listening to loud music that only I need to like.
  • I went to the gym.
  • I came home and vacuumed again & made hummus like my grandma used to do.
  • I went downstairs and took my laundry to the wash & fold, then I went to the corner market to get fresh squeezed orange juice, Italian parsley, Romaine lettuce and sesame oil.
  • I played with my cats.
  • I paid my phone bill (one finds that one is rolling in dough when one is not at the Bangkok Oriental or Kamalaya Koh Samui or Ulu Watu.)
  • I went to another yoga class.
  • I came home and played with the cats some more and planned what I will make for dinner.
  • I had some tea.
  • I took pictures of the cats. (Yeah, yeah, yeah.)
  • I practiced my pincha mayurasana and my mayurasana.
  • I sat down to consider how full of win my day was and decided to write about it. Because I can. Because I have the time. Because I really have – right this minute – no worries… (save for the state of the environment, the status of endangered species, the giant plastic island, increasing racial and social tensions, the debt crisis, the shambles of a social contract I am living within, the ridiculous state of national politics, the universal dependence on fossil fuels, global warming, that people do not believe in global warming, poverty, the farm bill, the war on women, drones, defending the Fourth Amendment, and having to wait until 7pm to watch baseball and making sure we can watch that along with Le Tour recap…)

So really, it is a pretty win win win win day, wouldn’t you say?

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