Professional crisis of faith, in pictures.

I teach. Or at least, I have until recently, believed myself to be a teacher. Implied in this is the idea that I am also a student, dynamic conditions both.

Lately, what I have been learning has all but made me want to leave the building. Not quite like Elvis.

But kind of.

When I embarked upon my career I hoped to be like this:


Or even like this:


When I actually started working… way back in 1995… I actually thought I might be like this:


Not kidding.

Lately I have realized that I am really turning out to be more like this:
“‘C’, ‘D’, ‘F’. ‘F’. ‘F’. For three weeks we have been talking about the Platt Amendment. It was passed in nineteen-hundred and six.”


Although, it seems a lot of people really see me like this:


And I am really afraid I am heading toward this:
“The kids haven’t changed, Dick. You did.”


And frankly… I am just a little over it all because of this:

teaching jacques burzan

And this:


Everyone keeps telling me I just need a vacation – which I am fortunate to get. But It is not just that I need a break (I do.)

It is something much bigger than that.




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